1. How to use Dehumidifier?

The use of our Dehumidifier is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions we send you.

2.What if the Dehumidifier machine is full of water?

You just need to take out the Dehumidifier sink and then pour out the water inside. 

After pouring out, rinse the gutter inside the sink with water and install the sink before you can use it again.

3. Do our products come with a warranty?

Our Dehumidifier has a warranty period of 12 months. 

If our Dehumidifier is broken within 12 months that is not caused by human factors, we can arrange a free warranty for you.

The warranty period of the Dehumidifier is effective from the time you sign to the express delivery.

If there is any non-human caused breakage during the warranty period, please send the product picture, product order number, photo of the warranty card and the reason for the breakage to [email protected], we will arrange free return to the factory for you to repair after confirmation. 

Please send your Dehumidifier product to 5981 Arapaho Rd Apt 1002, Dallas, Texas, we do not charge for the repair, the express shipping cost is borne by the customer.

Please pack your Dehumidifier and include the warranty card when you return it.

If the warranty card piece is lost, smeared or broken, the normal repair fee will apply.

4. When will my refund amount be credited?

Once your return has been processed, please send the product order number and return logistics number to us at [email protected].

Once the returned Dehumidifier arrives at Gamerota.com’s warehouse and passes a successful inspection, the refund process will begin.

The refund amount will be returned to your payment account within 1-2 business days.

The exact refund time depends on your payment method, so please be patient. 

5. What if the refund is delayed?

Our refund processing time is 1-2 business days, which will be delayed in case of holidays or major events.

However, if you have not received your refund after 2 business days from the date we issued it, please contact us at [email protected].